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  1. Boscombe Bee

    There's hope for us all

    Just been watching Eurosport this afternoon and watched the first World Cup race of the new Biathlon season. Biathlon is arguably the most physically demanding sport out there. Cross country skiing 4km, then you have to stop, lower your heart rate and shoot at a tiny target 50m away and then...
  2. Boscombe Bee

    Jonah Lomu RIP

    Terrible news that one of the greatest rugby players I have ever seen, Jonah Lomu, has died at 40.
  3. Boscombe Bee

    Eurosport win TV rights to Olympics From 2022 the Olympics may not be on the BBC. It will be on Eurosport. It's possible that Discovery/Eurosport will sub-lease coverage to the BBC or another free to air channel. A lot of 'how disgusting' reaction on social media...
  4. Boscombe Bee

    Post season friendlies

    This is why there should never be an introduction of a winter break in the English season.
  5. Boscombe Bee

    England 2026

    Evidently Greg Dyke has said the FA could be persuaded to launch a bid for the 2026 World Cup. Let's not. Did we not learn anything before?
  6. Boscombe Bee

    Fulham v Brentford - 1 January 1994

    All the talk of our imminent takeover of Craven Cottage reminds me so much of this game. If memory serves me right this was a lunchtime kick off on New Years Day. Most of us turning up to the game with a hangover, and then hitting the pubs before the match. Mostly feeling delicate filing into...
  7. Boscombe Bee

    Huddersfield game - M3 closure?

    Anyone know it M3 J2 will be closed after tonight's game, like it was after last week's Blackpool game. Myself and many others were put onto the diversion from hell. At least if we know it is to be closed we wont have to go all the way to Sunbury and all the way back to Staines again!! Ive...
  8. Boscombe Bee

    Match 23: Japan vs Greece

    Is anyone actually bothering to stay up and watch this?
  9. Boscombe Bee

    Pick Your Greatest World Cup XI on BBC website Found it near impossible to narrow it down to 11 but came up with Banks Cafu-Beckenbauer-Moore-Maldini Charlton-Zidane-Jairzinho Pele-Maradona-Cruyff Slightly attack minded! Rated a 46 Then did a B team (for the Johnstones Paint Trophy) and that...
  10. Boscombe Bee

    Ref Watch 2013-14

    It appears we are unlikely to see 3 refs next season, all of whom have been promoted to the Premier League they are and their last Bees games... Roger East (Salisbury) - Yeovil (a) 3 March 2012 Bobby Madley (Ossett) - Crewe (a) 10 April 2013 Craig Pawson (Sheffield) - Stevenage (a) 5 March 2013...
  11. Boscombe Bee

    Jeremy Steele

    Did I miss something? It appears Jeremy Steele formerly on the coaching staff at Barnet is our new youth team manager, Im assuming replacing Louis Lancaster. I dont recall seeing anything about this before on the official site or here.. Of course I may be wrong...
  12. Boscombe Bee

    Big Bash

    Australian domestic Twenty20 tournament. Being shown on Sky Sports. The most interesting innovation is the wickets. They light up! Looks like a silly gimmick at first, but when you have a close run out or stumping and the wicket is broken it gives a pretty good indication if a batsman is in or...
  13. Boscombe Bee

    Olympics 2012 Trivia question

    Was just looking at the medal table and noticed the 7 countries at the end with a bronze medal. I tried to recall what they won the bronze in and came up with 4 of the 7. Without cheating, can you remember what the other 3 countries won them in The ones i got Saudi Arabia Afghanistan...
  14. Boscombe Bee

    FA Cup Final 2012 - Liverpool v Chelsea

    Hoping for a great game being led out by 2 FA Cup legends. After Bees games this is the game i look forward to most each season. Never miss the Cup Final. Kick off this year is 5.15. Im very much in favour of moving the Final to a Saturday evening. Wembley looks great in the May evening...
  15. Boscombe Bee


    After football and cricket, biathlon is my favourite sport. Odd, yes a little, but when i first saw it on TV i was hooked. For those who are unaware of it it combines nordic cross country skiing with rifle shooting. It comes in 5 different disciplines. Individual - which is a longer distance...
  16. Boscombe Bee

    What would you change about Football?

    With new season approaching imminently just wondered what people would change about football, big changes or small changes. Heres what i would do 1. Scrap transfer window. Football clubs are businesses and should be able to trade all year round. 2. Move the Cup Final to a Saturday night...
  17. Boscombe Bee

    Kick off times

    Heres a thought ive had before. A bit past the event now, but why dont teams on Saturday games in winter months, kick off at 2pm rather than 3. Means more daylight, better for supporters, less spent on floodlighting, warmer part of day. Im sure there would be pros and cons. What do people think?
  18. Boscombe Bee

    England squad for Bulgaria & Switzerland

    Goalkeepers: Scott Carson (West Brom), Ben Foster (Birmingham), Joe Hart (Manchester City). Defenders: Gary Cahill (Bolton), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Michael Dawson (Tottenham), Kieran Gibbs (Arsenal), Phil Jagielka (Everton), Glen Johnson (Liverpool), Joleon Lescott (Manchester City), Matthew...
  19. Boscombe Bee

    Slack Bladder being a dick again

    Turns out the Mandela fmaily have said that FIFA and Sepp Blatter have been hassling Nelson Mandela to attend the final tonight. Baring in mind hes 91 and not in good health and just lost his great granddaughter. Are there no depths Blatter would sink to...
  20. Boscombe Bee

    Petar Borota

    Petar Borota has sadly died at the age of 56 after a long illness. He signed for the Bees back in 1982 from Chelsea, but never to my knowledge played a first team game. Remember him in a Big Match Revisited making his debut and...
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