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  1. Ace Face

    Pop Up BFC Shop and General Outlets Outside Stadium

    Has anybody seen anymore information about the pop-up club shop at LR and whether there will be any other concessions outside the stadium perimeter?
  2. Ace Face

    31 Aug - Very Limited SWR Trains

    Industrial Action 4 days starting 30 August. Work on the principle trains to and from Brentford will be virtually nil as BFC are the lowest priority possible for SWR when it comes to covering Industrial Action.
  3. Ace Face

    Steam Train Past Lionel Road

    Sorry if this is not proper to this forum, but it looks like the steam train from London Waterloo to Windsor on Tuesdays in the summer is using the line along the North Stand Morning Train 3 4 Location Arr Dep Platform 5 6 London Waterloo 08.00 19 7 Nine...
  4. Ace Face

    Let's Sell Out GP For Preston

    It's been another great t season in a cracking league. Let's show our appreciation to MB and make a few calls and get some casuals down for the game. Even other halfs as long as you ain't all lovey dovey. Just pretend it's back to when BU were keeping the club afloat and we all went that extra...
  5. Ace Face

    Brentford FC Guarantee All Fans A Ticket For Last Game At GP Next Season

    All you have to do is buy a Season Ticket. Seems a good offer to me. Not forgetting your priority for then choosing your seat at LR. Let's see if we can get to 7500 STs for our last season at GP.
  6. Ace Face

    Hanging Of BFC Flags

    Cant see anything on the GPG, but apparently fans - not sure what the space limitations are - can hang their BFC flags at the back of the West Stand on the vertical glass panelling. I would presume priority goes to those flags currently hanging at GP first.
  7. Ace Face

    New Stand Names At Lionel Road

    As far as I am aware currently the stadium name is up for sale, but not the stand names. What would you like? I`d like West Stand - Royal Oak Stand East Stand - Ealing Road Stand North Stand - Golden Mile Stand South Stand - BEES UNITED stand
  8. Ace Face

    WSA Lionel Road Launch Handout

    Look out for the West Stand Alliance (WSA) launch handout being given out before the game against Hull. There is more info on social media about the WSA and their aims of unofficial standing and unreserved seating in the West Stand and lots of other ideas to make the West Stand a decent home...
  9. Ace Face

    Current ST Holders Buying 2 Lionel Rd STs

    Should current ST Holders be able to buy 2 STs or Premium Packages at Lionel Road when they go on sale before general sale? From a personal point of view, I am wanting to get an extra one as I am nurturing some casual fans with the hope of making them regulars. BFC read the GPG so what are...
  10. Ace Face

    Where Is The Buzz & Lift Off For Brand Brentford FC?

    I am hoping BFC have got the product right for the new stadium, so where are the exciting plans and lift off for brand Brentford FC? Since the ground breaking ceremony there has been nothing of any note. With STs going on sale for the new stadium from October (proposed date this may well be put...
  11. Ace Face

    Turning England Into A Top Four Football Team

    How do we turn the three lions into a to four team and have a squad depth quality of say France? Is the lack of facilities and crisis in youth football being addressed properly and will this continue to be a key block to our success? Is Championship teams with large numbers of foreign players in...
  12. Ace Face

    New Stadium Reservation Centre

    BFC are to open a reservation centre for ST sales on the London Road near the Steam museum with parking on site. Exact opening to be confirmed but will likely include some evening and Sundays as club is sensitive to Groups not being able to get together so easily. There will be a group ST...
  13. Ace Face

    BFC Announce Have Your Say and Focus Group Initiative For Fans Get involved as this has the possibility to brilliant or a disaster. It would be great to get some youngsters involved at any level and particularly when we launch the WSA.
  14. Ace Face

    Next New Stadium Fans Update Session - 12/06/18

    It has been confirmed that the next session is 12/06/18 at 18:30 to 20:00 at STRIPES. Please register your request to attend first at: If you are really interested in the new stadium, want to find out how you can help fill it or have any feedback it is really the...
  15. Ace Face

    MBs & BFCs Board Decision To Agree A Mid-Season Move To The New Stadium

    With the next fans meeting on the 12th or 13th June, I think it would be useful to get feedback from fans as to whether you feel BFC has done enough to explain simply and concisely the reasoning behind the decision. Do you understand the reasoning behind the decision? Should BFC make more of...
  16. Ace Face

    Champions League Final

    Anybody know any pubs/clubs in Brentford showing the game? Its only on BT Sport. Inverness only has SKY I believe.
  17. Ace Face

    Photos Of Griffin Park

    At one of the consultation meetings with BFC it was announced that Ron Cooper I think - sorry Ron if you are not leading on this with BFC - was looking at recording fans memories of GP by film or audio etc. It was also suggested that the fans could/should be able to upload any pictures they...
  18. Ace Face

    West Stand Flag

    It has been suggested it might be an idea to get all the people interested in making a red wall/Royal Oak or singing section to chip in for a flag, either (a) massive cross of St George flag with various crests of BFC and say PRIDE OF WEST LONDON. Say 40ft X 14ft (b) massive red and white sort...
  19. Ace Face

    Are you 16 to 25 and interested in Lionel Road plans?

    As has been highlighted, the 16 to 25s aren't seemingly engaged in the planning for Lionel Road in any organised constructive fashion. It is really important for you/them to have a voice so that they can help have the best stadium BFC can deliver. If you are in this age range, or know some fans...
  20. Ace Face

    BFC Lionel Road Fans Forums

    Would you find it useful to have BFC bi-monthly fans forums, to listen to the latest updates from BFC stakeholders and ask any clarification questions you might have? Say the 1st Friday of every other month. Obviously difficult for fans not local and before games the next day during the season...
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