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  1. WarrenBee

    Who will score the first goal at Lionel Road?

    Not counting today's friendly. Who's going to score the first competitive goal at LR on Sunday? Will it be during normal play, or will the first goal be from a penalty shoot out? I'm going for Pontus, surely he must be due a goal!!
  2. WarrenBee

    8th May 1999: Winning the League at Cambridge and The Aftermath

    I've only just realised that it was 21 years ago yesterday that we won League 2 under Noade$ at Cambridge! I remember seeing Bernie Watson falling out of a streached Limmo on my way to the ground, it seems like it was only yesterday! What a journey we've been on since then!
  3. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment V Leicester

    Wes Morgan how much do you weigh? Full House, a drone in the sky and realising just how far we've come in the last few years.
  4. WarrenBee

    Players That You Would Have back Since We've Been In The Championship

    Since we've been in the Championship, we like other clubs have had a lot of players come and go. Of all of the players who have represented us either as our own, or on loan who would you have back, if any at all? For me: 1: Alex Pritchard 2: Neal Maupay :sorted:
  5. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment V Stoke (FA Cup)

    Peter G going mad near the end, when Stoke had a corner, and the ball was clearly outside the quadrant! Love his passion.
  6. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment V Bristol City

    Said Benrahmas flick! :sorted:
  7. WarrenBee

    Saracens -35 points. Fined £5.3m. And Relegated!

    Looks like they've had the book thrown at them for exceeding salary cap payments! Wouldn't it be nice to see the EFL grow a pair and properly deal with football clubs who break FFP rules!
  8. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment V Huddersfield

    The playing of the Last Post. RIP
  9. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment V QPR

    Flag at the end, with bus stop in Hounslow on it!
  10. WarrenBee

    Billy Monger

    What an inspirational young man. All the best to you.
  11. WarrenBee

    Brooks Koepka

    I've seen some Golf in my time, but this guy is something else! :eek:
  12. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment V PNE

    Moses falling over and winning a tackle that he had no right to win.
  13. WarrenBee

    Wall of remembrance

    Does anyone know if the club are planning to have one of these for fans that have passed away, something like the bricks that we currently have?
  14. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment V Derby

    Not allowing their thuggish players to intimidate us.
  15. WarrenBee

    Penalty Shoot Outs

    What happened to the ABBA system that was used last season? :scratch:
  16. WarrenBee


    I would love to see them win the European Cup. :sorted:
  17. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment V QPR

    Mokotjo's back kick/flick on the edge of our penalty area! :sorted:
  18. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment v Swansea

    Our fantastic support.
  19. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment V Villa

    The goal, followed by a fantastic team performance.
  20. WarrenBee

    Champagne moment V Forest

    Dan's penalty save. :sorted:
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