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    New Stadium Construction Complete!

    Might have been reported elsewhere but I see on linked in BG achieved Practical Completion on 7th August. For those not familiar with Construction Contracts , PC = Major milestone, normally followed by a 12 months defects liability period. Suggest that’s a really good result accounting for...
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    Disgusting incident in Braemar Rd Paddock

    Witnessed some poor fella getting sh#t on twice day once each half from the same pigeon in the roof girders. A massive dropping each time. Hopefully a thing of the past when we move to Lionel Rd.
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    Youngest & Oldest scorer

    Not sure if this subject has been covered , anyone suggest our youngest and oldest goal scorer ?
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    BEES FA Cup 5th Round matches and beyond

    Does anyone have a listing of these with attendances? Can't be that many, surely.
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    Status of Ealing Road - Home & Away End

    We've been at GP for 112 years. I'm thinking Ealing Road was mixed for say 75 of those, a dedicated home end for 18 years and an away end for 19 years ?
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    No postponed matches in a season

    I can't recall no postponements in season before, assume this is not the first season though ?
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    Largest Griffin Park crowd for non Bees fixture

    Any memories of large Griffin Park crowds for non Bees fixtures ?
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    John Motson - Commentary on Brentford FC?

    Can't recall John Motson ever commentating on a Bees match or him making an appearance at Griifin Park. If this correct ?
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    Land & Property Club used to own

    Apart from the Brook & Ealing Rd flats land, I have a vague recollection that we used to own the land on the corner of Cliffden Rd/Brook Rd where new style houses are now opposite Royal Oak. Can't remember what this was. Also I think we owned a few properties around the Grd in New Rd & Braemar...
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    Re calling season long loan players for play off's

    Anyone know the rules if a player has finished season with his loan club is he avialbe to play for parent club in play off matches ?
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    Bees Football Specials

    Anyone got memories of Bees organising football special trains in the 70's ? I can only recall 2 occasions both later Nottingham early 80's &. Blackburn late 80's
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    Bees turnout at finals

    Does anyone know official figures for Bees at our finals ? I would guess wigan = 27k, Crewe = 25k, Port vale 10k, Stoke 12k, Carlisle 25k, Yeolvil 23k
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    Most packed Royal Oak

    For me this would have to be Swansea or Liverpool early 80's both rammed solid before match & in full voice. Not sure what it held in those days & can remember a section always being closed off I think top right hand corner., presumably for structural issues.
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    New Road History?

    What year did the back of NR get taken away ? When was it shut off from standing (remember it being wooden ?). When did NR become all seater ? I remember away fans stood in caged area, when did that get installed and come out? Is in true in the 70's no barrier between oak and new rd .?
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    Development Squad Players buisness plan

    With the amount of young players we seem to sign up I guess only a few will actually make it all the way through. Just wondering how lucrative it is to develop them, loan out and sell on with future sales in the deal. Does every player we have possess the potential to play top half of...
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    Largest away turn out at Griffin Park

    I remember a match late 80's when Swindon were given the New Road (all standing then), was this the largest away following At GP. Other matches that spring to mind are Watford late 70s, Millwall, Fulham & Pompey early 80's. We could accommodate more than 2k away in those days.
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    Biggest Bees away turn out in league

    It looks like Brighton will be biggest away crowd this season. In my time I can remember big away crowds at Peterborough & Fulham in promotion season, Reading in the Coppell era and MK Donkeys last year. Just wondered what's the most we've ever taken for a league match excluding play offs?
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    Bees on Christmas Day

    Was wonderin if anyone on the GPG ever saw us play on Xmas day. Is it true we tried to play a match on Xmas day in the 80's ?
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    Most suicidal player transfer

    Noticed a feature on John O''Mara in programme, before my time, but could'nt understand the logic in selling him when we just got promoted. In my time I think it's between Deano & DJ, although Sinton comes to mind. Glad to say those days are over for now & the foreseeable future!
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    Have Fullers Brewery ever sponsored us ?

    The pubs around Brentford are doing their best ever match day trade & I can't recall any recent Fullers sponsorship or advertising apart from the London Pride sign I think in Ealing Rd back in the 70's.
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