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    Club owners survey

    Hi, @AgainstLeague3 on Twitter are doing a survey on the owners of clubs in the evening. Would be great to get a few more responses from brentford fans. It only takes 2 minutes or so. Have a look at their tweet here; Or...
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    An Erection! - South Stand steel construction starts It’s happening!!
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    Where did extra season ticket tickets for Chelsea go to?

    If you used your spare ticket for chelsea for someone else who did it go to?
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    Be thankful for how we play

    There may already be a thread for this or this may not even merit a thread but; Tonight, or rather last night as I write this I spent my evening watching Portsmouth vs Ipswich, It was one of the worst games of football I've ever witnessed. I may be biased by the fact I was freezing cold but...
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