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    Sligo Rovers

    A couple of good goals against Waterford. Perhaps B Team should set up a match with Sligo
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    Actual punch landed on pitch

    My wife was watching the Bournemouth match with me which is a very rare occurrence and she was mostly texting . When there was a ruckus with some pushing and shoving she asked why they do it if nobody really punches anyone. anyone remember when someone actually landed a real punch
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    Fortress GP

    We all know our team is not as strong as last year or even before Christmas but creating a cloudy of misery is not helping . Brentford have risen to a league which is the hardest in football. It is full of large and wealthy clubs. It will take a lot us to even stay here let alone get promoted...
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    They closed my thread

    I am longstanding bees fan and I wanted to share some of my researched bets with fellow fans as many seem to be distressed that we are not winning promotion or signing half the Barcelona first team. I am very satisfied with our recent progress and sure if thought out decisions are taken going...
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    Double starting pot

    Starting with 1000 I am betting 10 percent of bank until doubled 1st bet real Santander v cucuta deportivo BTTS tonight 2300
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    Well really it ain't. Seems to be going backwards as club goes forward . Visited yesterday low on stock is no shorts apart from small and xxl In the past used to offer a good range of Brentford t shirts both stylish and some humorous but none there. Seem to be a lack of anything different to...
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