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  1. FarnhamBee

    Group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales

    Humility really isn't your strong suit is it? 😳 😅
  2. FarnhamBee

    Who is this Brentwood?

    A few seasons ago I was at Jersey Road for a B Team game & while I was there the Scottish Daily Mail wanted some posed shots of Lewis Macleod - no problem. The way the nationals pay is usually via a 'self billed invoice' - essentially they invoice themselves on your behalf, so they fill the in...
  3. FarnhamBee

    Is an Academy Required for Premier League Clubs?

    When we qualify for Europe there's still a grace period (2 years?) before we HAVE to have an academy - I think . . .
  4. FarnhamBee

    Play-Off Final Tickets - SOLD OUT

    We had the East stand last season . . . albeit just flags . . .
  5. FarnhamBee

    West Stand Alliance and the West Stand at LR

    Google is your friend:
  6. FarnhamBee

    Luka Racic - Signs to June 2023

    If you're gonna dis someone at least have the decency to spell their name correctly!
  7. FarnhamBee

    Championship Round 43 (Tue/Wed 20/21 Apr) - 6pm KICK OFF!

    Easily the worst lights in the Championship, 1-2 stops different across the pitch, plus the colour balance is variable too & they flicker like mad - awful!
  8. FarnhamBee

    Brentford B v Sheffield United U-23

    Access to Jersey Road is restricted.
  9. FarnhamBee

    Brentford B vs Arsenal U23s Sunday 4th Apr 12:00

    I like him, very involved today - you'd never think he's not long back from such a serious injury.
  10. FarnhamBee

    Brentford B vs Arsenal U23s Sunday 4th Apr 12:00

    Was a fantastic performance today, so much pressure from us all game, much the better team. Be sure to watch the highlights when available.
  11. FarnhamBee

    Championship Round 39 (Fri 2/4 - Sat 3/4)

    Ha! Got a notification from the All Goals app on my phone - 90' goal, penalty - didn't read it correctly, just assumed it was for Swansea 😠 Was pleasantly surprised when the final score notification came up :bounce:
  12. FarnhamBee

    Birmingham's ground

    Aha! It's not just me :bounce:
  13. FarnhamBee

    Birmingham's ground

    They're gonna need to pull their fingers out if they want to use those stands next season then!
  14. FarnhamBee

    Birmingham's ground

    There wasn't a safety certificate for two of the stands when we were there for the Coventry game, nobody was allowed into those stands. Not sure if the certificate had just lapsed or there was an actual issue with the structure . . .
  15. FarnhamBee

    Ricky Shakes

    Made it into a few pics - didn't realise it was him until I was editing after the game
  16. FarnhamBee

    Champagne Moment Middlesborough

    Purely personal one - getting into the car after the game to finish my edit - must've used a litre of diesel running the heater!
  17. FarnhamBee

    Condition of the Pitch

    As I understand it, the grass is only really there to maintain the "structure" of the mud - when the grass gets worn the artificial fibres take over that role more until the grass is able to recover. From what I see at pitch level the surface looks a lot better than from the high camera angles...
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