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  1. exiledbee

    Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland

    Bag o' sh*te, between two dismal sides. I had to laugh at the Jocks celebrating a scabby 0-0 like they had won the bloomin' World Cup. Pathetic.......
  2. exiledbee

    Emiliano Marcondes - Released

    I'm sure I'm not alone in being surprised at his Bees goals tally. Was he an out and out striker when he was banging them in for fun in Denmark ?
  3. exiledbee

    General Billy Gilmour

    Yeah, you would hope we were the more attractive of the two.......
  4. exiledbee

    General Billy Gilmour

    Oops , sorry about the double post.
  5. exiledbee

    General Billy Gilmour

    I saw a piece claiming that both Brentford and Middlesborough have expressed an interest in signing BG on loan. Might be nonsense, but who knows ?
  6. exiledbee

    Team v Swansea

    Am I right in thinking that Toney is available after serving a one game suspension ?
  7. exiledbee

    Most Own Goals

    I remember Stewart Houston scoring with an exquiste 20 yard chip into his own net away at Plymouth Argyle. The Man Utd scout must have been duly impressed as they promptly bought him from us !
  8. exiledbee

    Suggestion Rasmus Kristensen (Right Back RB Salzburg)

    To a team with genuine Premier League aspirations ? I would have thought, yes.
  9. exiledbee

    Team vs Barnsley

    I don't recall if we tried Marcondes as one of the front three, but might be worth a shot, given how freely he was scoring in Denmark ? Raya Dalsgaard Pontus Pinnock Henry Janelt Jensen Dasilva Mbeumo Toney Marcondes /Forss
  10. exiledbee

    Random spotting of ex-players . . .

    Many years ago, not long after his retirement from the game, I saw the great Jackie Graham donkey jacketed up, digging a hole in tbe road outside the old ABC Cinema, opposite the Three Fishes in Kingston.
  11. exiledbee

    Match Latest Stoke 3 - 2 Brentford (Forss(2))

    Looks like 5-2-3 to me. I'm worried that we will get overrun in midfield, but hope to be proven wrong.
  12. exiledbee

    Match Latest Stoke 3 - 2 Brentford (Forss(2))

    Surely it's 5 at the back ?
  13. exiledbee

    Team v Millwall

    Apparently Thomas has said that Benrahma will be in the squad for the Millwall game !
  14. exiledbee

    Nesta Guinness-Walker (Wimbledon Left Back)

    I used to play football with Nesta's Dad, Andy Walker. Andy was a very skilful player, rather like Romaine Sawyers in style . He played to a good amateur standard, but could have gone much further in the game if he had shown more commitment, in my opinion. I can certainly see where young...
  15. exiledbee

    Dru Yearwood -Signed for New York Red Bulls

    I was 45 and absolutely hated the place. Absolute dump, in my opinion. I do realise that not everyone feels that way.....
  16. exiledbee

    Dru Yearwood -Signed for New York Red Bulls

    Really ? I worked in NY for a few gruelling winter months and came to the conclusion that it was a dirty, unfriendly dump, with a climate not fit for man nor beast. I could understand anyone living there if it were dirt cheap, but to pay a fortune to live in such a ghastly s***hole ? I don't...
  17. exiledbee

    Saïd Benrahma - Signed for West Ham

    Is someone taking the proverbial ? 15M, for the best player outside the Prem ?
  18. exiledbee

    FT: Cardiff 2 Bees 2 (Racic, Mbeumo)

    I take it the club will be making an official complaint about the match officials ?
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