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  1. exiledbee

    Most entertaining characters at GP

    The " things that made you angry " thread had me reminiscing about some of the characters at GP over the years, especially the truly entertaining ones. My first and obvious choice is Stan Bowles. Not only for his sublime football, but one moment , right in front of the New Road, still makes me...
  2. exiledbee

    Diego Costa, is he crap ?

    Hearing a lot of radio pundits defending Cosat and his continual antics on the pitch. Th premis seems to be that winding up the opposition is an important part of making him the player he is and that there's too much fuss being made about the "ugly side " of his game, even to the point of...
  3. exiledbee

    Can we please lose Newsbot ?

    I would imagine most GPGers find the Newsbot posts tiresome at best. Can Newsbot not be dropped, blocked, unsubscribed or whatever by GPG Towers ?
  4. exiledbee

    Roy Hendriksen - Appointed Assistant coach.

    I read elsewhere that we are apparently going to be appointing Roy Hendrickson as assistant to Dijkhuisen. He's currently assistant at Dutch club NEC , I think it was. Looks like it's all coming together. ...
  5. exiledbee

    New Orleans

    Been living here for ten years or so, 15 years in the Deep South. I Love this city, even with it's problems. Any other Bees in Louisiana, or southern states ?
  6. exiledbee

    Falcao to Man Utd

    I just don't get thi$. If he's not good enough for Monaco, why are one of the biggest sporting clubs in the world able to get him on loan ? Shouldn't a club like Man Utd be able to buy the players they want?
  7. exiledbee

    When did French football get good?

    I am of a certain age and it seems that when I was a nipper France was amongst the minnows of footballing nations. You never heard about French players or teams even whispered about, unlike so many other Europeanclubs and nations. I wonder how France came about it's footballing metamorphasis...
  8. exiledbee

    Luke Rodgers

    Teamtalk .com.reporting apparent interest from Brentford and Shrewsbury in a loan deal for Pompey's Luke Rodgers . Seems to be about a one in three frontman, not a bad record. Worth a punt?
  9. exiledbee

    Leon Best

    Been told he can leave Newcastle, apparently. Worth a punt, if he would accept a drop in wages? i'm sure he must be on a tidy whack at t'Magpies though.
  10. exiledbee

    Balotelli the world's best?

    I see that clown Balotelli is claiming he's the second best player in the world, after Messi.:eek:roflroflroflrofl Best one I've heard in a looooong time!! What a plonker and how embarrasing must that be for Citeh fans?
  11. exiledbee

    Carlos Tevez

    Seems he's wanting out of Citeh, supposedly due to missing his family in Argentina. Nothing to do with his (agent's) repeated demands for more money:rolleyes:. Maybe it will all blow over, but my gut reaction is that we may have seen the last of him, which would be a pity. Terrific player who...
  12. exiledbee

    Chelski sign 11 year old!!!!!!

    I just saw on the Beeb's website that Chelsea have apparently signed an 11 year old striker from Northampton Town.:eek: Apparently there was a fee involved, too much for N'ton to turn down. Is it just me, or has the football world gone completely bonkers?
  13. exiledbee

    Glen Johnson

    Has apparently been learning Spanish to prepare himself for a move to Real Madridroflroflroflroflroflroflrofl Real Salt Lake would seem more like his level, surely?
  14. exiledbee

    Would Villa fans accept Maradona?

    I see Maradona has exprssed interest in the manager's job at Villa. Does the little scrote really have no idea how much he is reviled in England? I have to wonder if the Villa fans would even accept him as mananger? I would hope there would be massive unrest if his name ever came up in...
  15. exiledbee

    Michael Owen, finished?

    Given his far from spectacular first season as a Man u. player, I can't help feeling that is about finished, at Premier League level anyway. I wonder if he will start the next season on Man U's books? I doubt it. I wouldn't be surprised by an upcoming retirement announcement, to be...
  16. exiledbee

    Charlie mac vs Steve Phillips

    Charlie Mac , or Steve Phillips? Which is the best? Phillips was indeed deadly in his day, but is the standard higher today? Lots still to come from Charlie, which makes it pretty close, for me.
  17. exiledbee

    Most under rated footballer

    Ok, here's one to compliment the "most over rated thread". I wonder how many players will appear in both threads? May I kick off with the vastly improved Titus Bramble?:fishing:
  18. exiledbee

    Should Andrew Johnson be commited?

    I can't believe what I have just read. Apparently Andrew "I once scored a goal that wasn't a pen." Johnson reckons Bobby Zamora could get in the England team.:eek:rofl:rolleyes:
  19. exiledbee

    Dirtiest player in the Prem.

    Who's the dirtiest player in the Prem? It's hard to think of too many traditional "hard man" type players, since proper tackling is so frowned upon these days. You have to wonder how many matches the likes of Vinny Jones would actually complete! For me , one of the dirtiest is Fellaini. it...
  20. exiledbee

    How to punish really bad fouls?

    I was listening to a couple of American Football (the egg chasing type) pundits the other day, discussing punishment after a really nasty, malicious challenge , which caused a possibly serious neck injury. One of the pundits came up with a novel (to me, anyway) idea of punishment for the...
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