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  1. bexleybee

    2020/21 Goal of the Season Voting open! Lots of fairly similar long range efforts. I enjoyed the pass and move of our goal versus Bristol City. However an overhead kick is always going to be special...
  2. bexleybee

    Wigan (H) Confirmed Sat Apr 4th at 15:00 TICKET EXCHANGE OPEN

    Here is the Link We are not yet sure that Brentford have pressed the "Exchange is Open " button yet though
  3. bexleybee

    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    Contracted extended to 2023 Brentford FC Head Coach Thomas Frank has signed a new long-term contract. Thomas, 46, has been in the role as Head Coach for 15 months, having originally joined The Bees in 2016 as part...
  4. bexleybee

    Are we fighting a little dirtier so far this season?

    Maupay's stamp at Villa Watkins readiness to go down for the penalty vs Leeds Canos antics from the bench vs Leeds Robustness vs Birmingham Granted I'm very irregular down at GP, but is there a new robustness, a new edge, dare I say the much vaunted 'dark art' that's been introduced into our...
  5. bexleybee

    Phil Giles Post Transfer Window Interview

    More interesting insight from Mr Giles:
  6. bexleybee

    Moses Odubajo - Leaves Brentford

    Training with our squad this week as he continues to look for a new club.
  7. bexleybee

    Goal of the Season

    Voting is open, maybe win a pair of boots : Lasse Vibe v Reading (H) Marco Djuricin v Preston North End (H) Alan Judge v Sheffield Wednesday (H) Alan Judge v Rotherham United (H) Alan Judge v...
  8. bexleybee

    Canos - goal of the day vote

    90 minutes to go and Sergi needs some help to catch Bannan. Twitter poll so get on it if you have an account
  9. bexleybee

    Sam Saunders - Joins Wycombe Wanderers

    Extends his contract by another year :)
  10. bexleybee

    YouTube: New Season ticket video

    0xZFL6ZJXo0 Genuinely got goosebumps watching that. Have to say that the club's video output has just got better and better over the past few years. Quality and variety of content is excellent. Good job video team
  11. bexleybee

    Player manager goes full Roy of the Rovers
  12. bexleybee

    Soccer AM - Crossbar Challenge 2015

    Any guesses who was successful before you watch it?
  13. bexleybee

    "Come on Brentford" song

    Just found this hot new song on YouTube. Think it could definitely replace recent songs as a fan favourite. Let's give it the views it deserves and no its not mine..... :pop
  14. bexleybee

    2013/14 - "Promotion Season" DVD - When?

    Any news on this yet? I'm a bit concerned there'll be no quality football to watch over the next few weeks and this would help bridge the gap to next season.
  15. bexleybee

    Key moments this season

    Hopefully this doesn't duplicate other threads, but what does everyone see as the key moments during our season? Obviously there have been loads... For me it has to be - Trotta's equaliser vs Colchester. Such a turning point for various reasons. - The point at Molineux - 3-0 away at Preston. A...
  16. bexleybee

    So when we finally leave Griffin Park...

    ....what's the board going to be called? Are you planning an intensive rebranding campaign? ;)
  17. bexleybee

    Hull City Tigers

    Apparently the new owner is changing the club name to include Tigers. Will help with international marketing or something. Brentford Bees FC anyone?
  18. bexleybee

    The Sun 'Striker' - currently vs BFC

    In case you missed these tucked away elsewhere.
  19. bexleybee

    Pitch Invasion

    So is the club geared up to prevent this happening on Saturday, whatever the result or will be see 10 limp wristed stewards trying to hold back half the crowd? Personally I'm not that into it, but I'll be more pissed off if I don't get chance to see a lap of honour to applaud the lads for their...
  20. bexleybee

    Unofficial merchandise and chancers outside the ground

    Presumably we can look forward to the usual assortment of quickly produced unofficial tat being sold on the approaches to ground on Sunday. While I admire an amount of "entrepreneurial spirit", is there much the club can do to stop it? I'd always rather the money go to the club than some...
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