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    Ireland enter the World of Test Cricket

    I'm looking forward to this, I think Ireland will become a pretty decent test outfit over time and I reckon they have a chance against Pakistan. Ireland in May will be tricky conditions for Pakistan batsmen. 10-1 for Ireland to win, not a bad little outside bet.
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    England in New Zealand T20, ODI and Test Series

    Couldn't see a thread for this....I guess everyone has lost interest after the Ashes. Anyway, a good win for England this morning in a low scoring game. Woakes bowled a good spell at the death and although Curran's figures don't look great his last over was excellent. There is a lot of...
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    England in Australia ODI and T20 Series

    Couldn't see a thread for this, mods may want to merge with the Ashes thread? England chasing 305 to win, currently 162-2 after 26 overs.
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    Two Mikes on Talksport talking about Lionel Road

    Currently on Talksport talking about the stadium. I tweeted them before the show as they had got their facts wrong a little bit, they have now addressed this and recognise that we were planning for a 20,000 stadium and scaled down to 17,500. They think Mr Benham's plan to build smaller and...
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    QPR (A) March 12 - 2,769 Tickets - Sold Out

    Bit of a way off I know but I noticed today that Fulham have got the top and bottom tier at Loftus Road when they play there. Seems like their supporters trust had to put a case for this and it was agreed. Apologies if this has been picked up elsewhere but something for Mr Devlin to get...
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    Bees v Forest - Easter Monday...........this game should be a sell out!

    I can't see a thread for the Forest game on Monday I think we are all still firmly in Fulham mode.....and rightly so! Anyway, we should get close to 12,000 for this game, its another a massive game against a "big" club. If we win and one of the top 2 lose we really are in with a very good...
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    Ali Carter Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

    Poor fella, this bloke has had his fair share of illnesses in the last few years. Hope he wins this battle.
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    You know your son/daughter has caught the "Brentford FC bug" when.....

    1) You find him/her debating whether to play Hayes or El Alagui alongside Donaldson when playing FIFA.
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    Pitch Invasion - Marks out of 10?

    I thought Monday's pitch invasion was one of best I have seen at Griffin Park (I appreciate that there are many on here that may have witness numerous more). I think it scored high for passion, emotion, numbers and noise. I think the goading was not as bad as we have previously seen and people...
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