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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    Francis was a fantastic player and was dismayed to read an interview he gave, that he wrote to the club several times begging for a trial and we never even replied. Apparently he and he's family were all Brentford at the time. A proper in'it for the club there.
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    The Royal Oak

    The Royal Oak probably held about 14,000 there are plans from the 1930,s showing only half the stand ie. from corner of New Road to penalty spot stating 8,000 cap. Seeing as the old girl didn't completely run to Breamar Road you can't quite double the 8,000. A side note but whilst forced on a...
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    Jon Varney - The GPG Interview

    Really is fantastic output, huge thanks Banana. With this and your drone flight's you really have spoiled us.
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    West Stand - Block Party

    Really don't understand why some get so worked up about this.If you stand at ER why would you now sit in the WS most will congregate where they already stand and if we're all standing there's more space allowing for a little freedom of movement. Or am l being a little too naïve and trusting in...
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    Fulham (A) ST +3500 TAPS Selling Tues at 4 (Just before Luton game )

    From what l can gather they've split the stand 50/50 away/neutral looked to be plenty of leeds there. On a personal note since the 4-1 drubbing we have bought neutral last couple of games so mates can be together walked into Bee's section no problem. They might have tightened up regards...
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Agree with this but also feel both sets of fans should look at themselves by saying we're irrelevant, tinpot and don't matter to them how are the players supposed to react. l know they say it just to wind us up but still hav'nt cottoned on that as London's premier bus stop we embrace the tinpot...
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    Thomas Frank - Head Coach

    Could'nt be more pleased. Dickheads calling for he's head clearly have no idea about the game, let alone the structure and philosophy of our club we've got Thomas for quite awhile( until he get's poached)and get the feeling he's here for the long term as he's a highly intelligent man;)
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    If you're interested my brother and l travel down from Mildenhall (season tickets) possible pick...

    If you're interested my brother and l travel down from Mildenhall (season tickets) possible pick up along A505
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    Summer 2019 Window: CLOSED. (Outs to Europe can still happen though)

    I know it's still rumour atm but indication from Leed's that this is happening, not sure if he fit's our no dickhead's policy but this lad's a winner( villa goal proved that:sorted:) To think he's leaving the Champion's of Europe for tinpot show's he see's our potential, just stunned we're...
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    Marking our last season at Griffin Park

    Rebuild the Royal Oak (still break's my heart) but at least l got to experience the majesty of it unlike you youngsters. So how about one of those virtual reality set up's whilst replaying our last 4 home games against our neighbour's from up the road
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    Drone Week 41: No Drone

    Great news this just before we smash the ra ra's
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    Kids' Takeover v Blackburn

    The concerned looks from the paramedic's for our more senior fan's was well worth the entrance fee, up there with the 5 goals:D
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    Today my "other team" will be.....

    Chris Mepham's Bournmouth lol
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    Sam Saunders

    He was at the game Monday night cheering us on, always felt that he'd end up back at the club in some sort of coaching role hope this happen's.
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    Non-League Barnet v Brentford FAC 4 Ticket News

    The original Barnet FC 1888 folded 1901 and nickname was the Hillmen Present team officially 1919 amalgamation of teams of which Alston Works AFC colours of amber and black were adopted, incidentally their nickname was the Dentals owing to the manufacture of dentures by said works team. Hope...
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    Thomas Frank - Head Coach

    Our football is ''liquid art''
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    FAQ: How Much Money has Matthew Benham Put into the Club So Far?

    Not forgetting ripping the soul out of the club by relocating to Brentford {couldn't a site in Brentwood be found} We want our Brentford back i.e. national league, the list goes on.... Still hoping a ron noades type figure can ride to our rescue Benham OUT!!
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    Non-League Barnet v Brentford FAC 4 Ticket News

    Just looked at the barnet forum and there's a Northampton Bee posting:eek: so who's the fake/real Northampton surely only one way to resolve this:box::sneakoff:
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    FA Cup 4R: BARNET (Away) Monday 28 Jan. 7:45pm ko.

    Gotta buy a key ring now just to show the pretenders we've got a hundred years on them
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    Interesting info re North Stand

    middle parting just so wrong you'll be pushing for the comb over next
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