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    Grand Tour 2020

    Doesn't seem to be a thread on this. If you missed it make sure you watch the highlights of the time trial today.
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    Andy Woodward speaks out about child abuse

    Shocking story about how he was abused over a 4 year period whilst on Crewe's junior books. Brave to talk about it and bring it out in the open.
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    Rugby Six Nations 2013

    Wales look good, 20 points down after half an hour at home.
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    England's Keeper Sentoff

    Great bit of cheating here. It was very well disguised.rofl
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    Chris Lewis held on drug charge
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    Andy Scott and CRY Awareness

    Can't find this anywhere, thought it was worth a thread and hope it is in the right place. Credit to Andy Scott for rasing the profile of this charity. I was shocked to hear 12 children die a week through sudden death syndrome. Being a youth team manager and a father of 3 children it did scare...
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    Plymouth Keeper jailed

    Justice?? Ignore the spelling on the thread title (how do I change it?)
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    England V SA 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th ODIs

    Surprised no thread on this already, but South Africa just been bowled out for 83. KP is on fire as captain at the moment.:sorted:
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    English Players in the Premiership hits new low

    Does make Fabio's job pretty hard given the drop in eligible players link
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    Billy the Bee

    on radio 5 now
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    PFA Footballer of the year John Terry for me. Been very consistent throughout the season. Will also be the next England captain.
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    Lee Bowyer and Birmingham

    Blues fans to scupper Bowyer move You have to admire the Brum fans that signed this petition. They have more principles than Sullivan, but then again that doesn't say much.
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    Wenger, Fergie and Mourinho

    It seems amazing that the FA has let this playground behaviour carry on. I was surprised that Mourinho joined in this bickering after the Man U game as I thought that he was planning to rise above it all. The comments that are going back and forth between Wenger and Fergie are not "mind games"...
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    Bournemouth V's Colchester

    Went to see my local side play yesterday and boy they were awful Colchester played some lovely football in the first half and if they keep that up this season you can expect to see them in the top 3-4. Bournemouth are going to struggle this year they seemed to suffer what we did last year. No...
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    Leeds finally reach rock bottom rofl rofl rofl rofl
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    Anyone fancy a game?

    Lets assume the players that are on a free transfer get picked up (Somner, Julian and Smith). That would leave us with a squad of 11, a bit of a come down from Noades day, when I seem to remember a squad of around 30 being employed. At this rate they will be able to have coaching staff v's squad...
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    The problem with football

    Well one of them. I have been coaching kids for 3 years and went into Book Etc (Canary Wharf) to see what books there were available to help me. There was roughly 6 shelf's of books. A complete shelf was full of books glorifying football violence. Books on the ICF, Soul Crew etc. The rest were...
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    Bournemouth V's QPR

    Went today as my kids football team took about 60 kids to the match. What a brilliant day. Football training in the morning with a tour of the ground. This is a great club and one day perhaps we will replicate them. The game. You be pleased to know that on the whole Bournemouth out played a...
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    QPR Finances

    With Fulham moving away from the bush as of next season. It would be interested to know if the rent Fulham paid was already built into next year budget. Does anyone know what Fulham pay?
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    Bournemouth v Brentford Match Report

    Am I allowed to start a thread of such importance? Probably. I guess I'm the first back as I now live 15min from the ground. On the first half showing we were lucky not to be 3 or 4 down. The first 20 mins Fletcher had a couple of headers go wide when they should have been on target. Second...
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