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  1. JumboJet

    National League

    All to play for. Would love to see Torquay back as champions, with Hartlepool as runners up. Remember being in League 2; sorry Sutton fans, but your club would bring nothing to others in League 2, reliant upon gate receipts and visiting supporters - when grounds reopen of course.
  2. JumboJet

    Are The Days of Chants Deemed to be Abusive or Hurtful Numbered?

    Society seems to have become intolerant of anything stated which might be considered abusive or hurtful to others. For many years, it has been a feature of football to question the integrity of the referee’s wife for example, if the ref gives an unpopular decision with one set of supporters. If...
  3. JumboJet

    You Are No Longer Considered ‘Eccentric’ As a Bees Fan

    For 4,000 or so, turning up to see The Bees for many years was considered a bit eccentric by friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc., who might enquire which Premier League you also followed, often innocently and without meaning to cause offence. Let’s be honest if you were travelling away to...
  4. JumboJet

    Demise of the GPG?

    I have noticed in recent weeks in particular, that unlike the gradual improvements we are witnessing at BFC, the GPG seems to be suffering from an increasing amount of posts which descend into sniping at and insults to other posters. I believe that many users of the GPG would like to turn to...
  5. JumboJet

    Sour Grapes at Brentford Success

    Saw this on Wolves Forum...... Why Wolves should be in the play-offs - please contact the FA I am not a Wolves fan but would like to advise you that you may wish to contact the FA and ask why Brentford appear to be allowed to break their rules. Matthew Benham the owner of Brentford also owns...
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