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13 Apr 2009
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Reading / Brentford
Centre Back was James Finnerty, young Irish U-18 player from Aston Villa.
The substitute midfielder was Gianni Crichlow who has been with QPR!

Kettering Bee

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8 Apr 2000
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Should be obvious
just got back....,up early doors walking the dog at 11am, back home by 11.15am straight round spoons in Feltham for the large brekkie, 2 egg, 2 toast, 2 sausage bacon tomatoes all wash down with a Cappuccino, then a free refill , meet up with joebee at Feltham station at 2pm..we all ready spot a city supporter, standing on the platform... im thinking two of us combined age of 130yrs we can take this youngster looking late twentys. ... couldn't even grow a full beard.... if he wants it,... we will give it to him.. board the train and we give him the stare .. just to let him know we are on to him... get off at Brentford , no sign of him , guess he bottled it, or he was just wearing a light blues T-shirt... wasn't a city supporter after all. ... spent a few hours walking round syon park looking for possible summer signings no luck... on to GP, got straight on the Bovril and took our seats for a great Bees win :sorted:
Haha brilliant, the casual lifestyle is not an easy one!!!!!

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