Grass not always greener

Wee Dave

29 Jan 2001
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Crystal Palace
The amount of money in the top levels of the game is disgusting. The change from a game of mud and bootlaces to one of padded chairs and marketing budgets is bleak. "New" shiny tie-wearing fans coming along and pissing off the grizzled old stalwarts is inevitable, but hard to take.

But yet the game is changing and Wigan - or any other team - can't really be blamed for trying to keep up. Can they? The correspondent seems to imply that he genuinely preferred non-league scrapes and fights in the park afterwards to giving Chelsea a tough game in the Premier League.

I think I might agree :shrug: I've always kind of dreaded the prospect of Bees one day becoming really successful, because let's face it, none of us ever became Bees fans because we're ravenous for success.

But unless someone sweeps in and takes away the ability of the Chelseas to pay fat Frank £160k per week I can't see how not trying to keep up is an option. It's ****ed, but the world is ****ed, and I think I would rather have the Premier League, prawn sandwiches and Jeff Stelling than oblivion or tetanus from the nails in the New Road stand.
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