Let's reward our local (Hollywood) heroes


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19 Jan 2001
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Stumbled across this bad boy on Brentford's third bestest site (behind the GPG and the ticket site) Let’s reward our local heroes

Basically if you do good things in the community you can be nominated to get some free tickets to a game and food and drink too. By way of example a local pizza company delivered 300 healthy pizzas to less fortunate folk in Isleworth working with the Bees sports in the community trust. Seems worthwhile and something nice about Brentford still doing stuff in the community even now we are big time. Hopefully if we get established in the premier league and the money starts to flow this can ramp up even more.

SO, Who can should be nominated? Both GPG friendly answers and also serious suggestions on this thread and the latter in the nomination link.

My serious suggestion would be @Edmundo . A man who in the face of adversity has made it an unfailing mission to make sure certain inoffensive yet irrelevant words are deleted from the internet.

BTW, gambling is still legal so please dont sully this thread with moans about the sponsors.
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