New Year - New Tactics required?


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14 Nov 2003
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A goal kick from Harrow Borough FC
Chuffed as I am with current 5th place, other Threads in this Forum show we can't agree on a best 11, or even 16, now most bodies are fit. Also there is general unease at the lack of goals being scored, when the potential in the squad is for much more. If we are to maintain present progress then Goal Diff. of NIL will not help, come May.

To date MA has concentrated the previously limited resources on versatility, with bods slotting into the team pattern of 4-4-2, as preferred by most teams in League 1. For tougher away games we have seen a variation to 4-5-1, but essentially, that is what we play.

MA states he has not had the luxury of so many players to choose from as now, & I wonder if Goals For might improve if tactics were changed, not just some personnel? By all means keep away games tight, & go for the 'smash & grab', but should we try & dominate teams more at GP by switching to 4-3-3 or 4-2-4 as we've got plenty of wingers? Maybe Tabb/Claridge can play just behind 2 strikers?

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1 Jul 2000
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I think we're alright at home at the moment, but our tactics away from home have to change if we're at all interested in staying up the top. So far it has been almost universally negative and I don't believe we are the sort of team that is capable of soaking up pressure and scoring the odd goal to win a game. We need to be a lot more positive away from home and not sit back if we're fortunate enough to go one up...

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