Our Stewards Shut Down All Protest by Oldham Fans


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5 Apr 2005
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Trotta Terrace
It's a good question. I think it's best expressed as there's two sides to every story.

At the time, there was (believe it or not) a ban on protesting in the stadium which was introduced after Portsmouth 17(?) years ago (we think), and that ban on protests was being enforced hence the pat down for banners etc. Following this episode this ban has now been removed.

There were also reports of away fans spitting at stewards.

I don't think our stewarding comes away unblemished by any means. But we are told (told, not shown) that there was a large amount of unpleasantness exhibited to stewards that day - and the point was made to the club that by being cocks to them in the first place (by refusing the entry of flags etc) they will have contributed to that.

However a point well worth notice is that when a national journalist tried to pick up this story they got no co-operation from the various Oldham fan groups.

Wasn’t a talkshite journalist was it that got turned down
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