Sevilla FC - "The Andalusian Brentford"?

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The BBC has an article on Sevilla's Sporting Director, Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, generally known as "Monchi", and the methods he's using to transform the club's fortunes.

Fans of Brentford, if not every other English club (understatement), will recognise much of the "Buy Low, Sell High", quants & stats, Scouting, "Moneyball" stuff, but one comment particularly caught my eye:

"... building a system that can find the right players at the right price remains the priority. The algorithm they have developed analyses over 18,000 players that could fit the team. And behind the scenes, a new kind of transfer target is in Monchi's sights.

'We are currently talking with an artificial intelligence and machine learning expert with no football experience to join us. We are fighting with his current company, so to speak,' he says.

'We want to keep growing. If you decide to build a research and development department, you have to provide people who would add value by understanding data from different angles'."

Monchi: The man, the methods, the new mission

And there is one other development from which Brentford might usefully learn a thing or two:
"Monchi and his team plan to expand this data revolution to also help inform various other sections of the club's operations, such as ticketing and marketing." ;)

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