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14 Feb 2003
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Walton on Thames
A long shot I know and it has been discussed before but more in jest.....

If Sky can follow Peterborough around for Half a season, why can't we get them to get involved with their local club.

Dyke has all the media and tv connections, surely he can pull a few strings and raise the interest and sell the benefits to Sky of following the fortunes of a club in turmoil, both on and off the pitch.

They could have access all areas and allow us how a small club runs, without a celeb consultant like Big Ron, from understanding the selection process for a new manager to how BFC scout new players. It could possibly witness a rags to riches type success story, and talented local younger players may well see it as a chance to get themselves in the shop window and select BFC over Chelsea reserves.

Before anyone says it would make our club a laughing stock and make us look a two bob small club, we already are.

Not sure if Sky would be allowed but could they not be invited to invest as that might ensure the only coverage is positive?
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