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Hi mate, you have won one of the signs. Would you rather collect it from Teddington or if you give me your address I can pop it in the post if you’re willing to cover postage?
Cheers mate, will give it 24 hours or so and see if anyone else comes in. You’re the highest bidder so far though!
Hello to all the Bees Fans and my friend Keith who is a die hard BFC supporter. Myself, I'm a Bradford City fan (I hear what!) yes, a Mighty Bantam. Wishing you all the best for the 20/21season at your new stadium.
Hi, yeah I still live on Hayling. I had seemed to be the only Bee here, so pleased to find that isnt the case.
I only recently joined GPG, my main email a/c is aol and GPG doesnt accept aol emails. So that prevented me from joining. I didnt realise how much I was missing until someone on the Loyal fans FB group mentioned seeing a player we were after on GPG

Hi, I guess by your user name you’re from Hayling Island, do you still live on the Island? I’m asking on behalf of my brother who’s a Bees fan and lives on Hayling Island, he’s not on the GPG, do you know of any other Bees fans currently living on Hayling Island?
Hi Teesbee, if you have a spare tour ticket I would love to take that off your hands. It's now totally told out and we didn't book in time. I've been a season ticket holder in NR for over 10 years with my son and we'd love one last tour.
All the best,
Hey Larry - how are you going to view the final?

It's on foxtel - bein sports channel - have you got an iPad or iMac laptop?


Whether he's ready for a move to the Premier League is up for debate, but Toney could certainly do a job for a promotion-chasing Championship club, or a top of the table Scottish side like Celtic or Rangers.

The only stumbling block is that £8million price tag which may well prove to be troublesome for several clubs who may be looking at more cost-effective solutions.

For Brentford, a move may well depend on whether they can secure promotion.

The Bees are looking extremely strong, but maybe reluctant to spend big on a new striker if they're in the second tier again next term.

This Supposed Transfer Race Started at 2/7/20
For a Dutch newspaper I run a piece about the Wigan game. I was hoping that at least the four pubs would be open on Saturday but none of them will be and the Prncess Royal will never reopen, I heard when I visited the area today (I'm London based). I would like to hear from fans where and how they will follow the game. And what thoughts are about this tragic state of affairs: Brentford playing wonderful football, eyeing promotion, and Griffin Park closed for spectators. Any thoughts?
Hi banana has been rude to me on other threads going on a couple of months now.
I did stop posting for about a week. I've been on here for 15 years but it's getting like an echo chamber and same old faces. No surprise traffic is up on other platforms but down here. BTW he knows I am a teacher.
Morning Bro’
I am becoming seriously concerned that if we can sort out the ‘bus parking brigade’ we might actually do this.
A draw and defeat for WBA is all it’s going to take.
Then we’ll really find out what we’re made of
Hi Hobbsy,

Banana has said you’re the man to talk to about this...

My junior ST holder cousin has received the form the club where you register to receive an iFollow code to watch the remaining games, however it stats all junior ST holders will only receive a club shop voucher and only adults can watch the games.

However he has followed the link to receive a code and entered his details and it’s said he will receive a code by 18th June as normal.

What is the case with this? He will be devistated if he can’t watch the remaining games.

Any help would be Greatly appreciated.
Deepest condolences ffor your loss.
My mum’s maiden name was Illet. Her family were from Chiswick. She had a brother called Percy. He lived with his wife and kids in a flat on Brentford High Street. Then moved to a new Council flat in South Ealing. They had a daughter Nita and a son Peter. It’s such a rare name that he must have been the same guy. It was a very big family and they all got together rarely. But I think I would have gone to Peter’s wedding as a little kid. I certainly remember going to Percy’s funeral. Which I think left from Peter’s house.
Hi Paul, sorry to trouble you.
I noticed your post re “bagging and tagging” Cortina and Capri parts.
Total shot in the dark, my son is a top top top(to coin a phrase) panel beater and is currently restoring a rare MK 2 lotus Cortina. He was broken into some time ago and not only did the low life steal tools, also took a number of hard to get parts that probably got thrown away or sold for scrap.
I was wondering if by “bagging and tagging” you mean you’re preparing to sell some parts that might be of use to James in his restoration project, if this is the case he(we) would be very interested in purchasing them from you should any be of use to him.
As I said, this is a complete shot in the dark and sincere apologies for troubling you at this difficult time.
Hope to be back at GP soon for one last look, til then stay safe and kind regards.

Gray (snorbee)
Survival rate if somebody is placed onto a ventilator in an ‘induced’ coma is around the 50% mark. I think what is being observed is that people can initially look quite well and then quickly deteriorate and need ventilator support which is puzzling the Intensive care specialists.
I am a doctor working in a public hospital in Oz. In our area so far we haven’t seen too many cases but it’s what we are being fed back from the bigger city hospitals and UK/US. But remember that 80% cases are classified as mild disease where people are just staying at home till they feel better.
Stay safe mate 👍
Hi Jane, I live in Coneygar Lane which is just off Sea Rd North opposite the Co-Op.I do get up for the occasional game (in fact I’ve managed to get a ticket for the last game at GP v Barnsley)👍 I normally combine my trips up with visits to my 2 daughters and grandkids in Basingstoke / Reading. I often pop into the Bradpole Post office & walk the dog on the green near Hemlets Close. Must catch up for a Bees catch up sometime . Paul
Many thanks. Had spotted that. Have been there for award evenings but never in daylight so don't know what it's like for watching matches. Might still go. Have loved reading your stuff about the B team. Thanks for that. You painted a great picture of the lads and their generosity. Also love Pafos. Not been there for twenty years or so. Sister was at Episkopi garrison for a few years (husband in army, so was she for a while), so we used to spend a lot of time on Epi beach, but always visited Pafos when we were there. Used to eat in the restaurants alongside the water in Keto Pafos (spelling?). Believe that Pafos has mushroomed a bit since then? Anyway, thanks for heads up.

Take care,

Hiya Beefletch, I've recently moved to Bradpole so probably nearer to you now! Where in Bridport are you? Do you get to any Bees games?
Hi I just read your post on the very touching thread started by Mr Pipe about his last visit to GP. I wondered whether you were still in West Bay as your user name suggests as I live in Bridport and was pleased to see a local fellow Bee 👍
Hi mate check out Brentford twitter. It was a pleasure to be in your company tonight & a special thank you for all the little gifts.
Have a safe journey home.
Regards Terry
Gidday. Going by the posts on the GPG, there'll be some tears shed at the close of play against Barnsley on the 2nd of May. Can you remember your first match there, the date, your opponents and the score?
Gidday there PPM. Just checking you still use the Bees Forum. Good luck with todays game. Cheers.i
Hi Joe , are you going to Fulham ? If not could I use your friends and family for my son ? Cheers in Advance

Ps . I’m presuming you have enough Taps ?
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