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Live in Beaverton, Oregon USA. A suburb of Portland three blocks from the Nike campus and 4,915 miles from Lionel Road

A Brentford fan since watching the Bees take out Everton in Griffin Park back in 2009.

Looking forward to seeing a game at Lionel Road this season.
Great post Patto. Absolutely tragic situation. I have family at Kabul Airport as I type. Can't say any more than that, but suffice it to say that the whole family is on tenterhooks right now (understatement).
Hi Lionel, sorry for the slow response to your comment.

I am wishing and hoping that your family were successful in getting processed and removed from the country. I cannot imagine the pain and turmoil of having to wait and be dealing with that.

Wishing you all the best

Lionel Bart-At
Lionel Bart-At
Thanks Patto. He's British military and thankfully has returned home unscathed (for the third time).
Thanks for the donation Ian. Hope you are well. I requalifed as a ref recently so am busy most Saturdays reffing the local Step 7 mens league.
All good thanks Richard. Great to hear you've picked up the whistle again. Good luck with the marathon.....Ian
Hi Dave
I hope all's well with you. Just touching base to see if you are going tonight. Unfortunately l can't make it and possibly vs Brighton too. My ticket went into the exchange so expect a stranger in my seat. Say hello to all from me. How do you feel about the season? I think we've assembled a decent squad and hopefully should be ok.
Take care
John Beebopalula
Also. Just FYI... Banana has access and reads these PM's :wave::wave:
Thought as much about the 'monitoring' of input, but what can you do. Just the ways things are. Completely agree with your feelings below. Strange how people will not even peek behind the alternative door, as if it's a threat to their reality. Got into Steiner & Tesla etc lately, which is an eye opener! Also astrology.
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That is quite an uncomfortable concept for anyone!
I'm finding it hard to find any empathy for 'rebus' because since I've been on this forum he's always across as a bully
I can usually find a degree of empathy for people with his type of opinion because I understand the level of programming and propaganda that they are under.. Especially if that person works for the NHS because to even entertain the thought that the big pharma may not have your best interest at heart is to accept that their reality (along with everyone else's and society in general) is built on a foundation of lies...
Mate. Don't let them get to you. I've had my 'privilege' to post in in that covid thread removed because I dared to question the narrative so I cant even reply to him publicly. What 'rebus' has done is literally presented opinion as fact (which supposedly goes against forum rules) and then tried to antagonise with a deliberately loaded question
It seems his highness works for the NHS, as do a few others. In my opinion they have blood on their hands if they are involved in the 'j*bs', so hopefully one day they'll be judged. I have so much to say on the current BS, but got my chance to reply pulled early doors. Keep in touch fella.
Hey! Sherman Oaks here. Semi-new Bees fan. If you'd like to organize a Brentford watch group or LA club, shoot me over your email! Thanks! JR
Hi Claire, hope everything is good with you. Remember our bucket shaking days with fondness. Seems a lifetime ago. kind regards, Pete.
Full disclosure I will not be wearing a mask and we will be singing, well as much as couple of 60 year olds can sing anyway! 2 of us full vaccinated, the other is u25
I have 3 tickets in block 110, row 31, the seats ares spaced out (eg 3 seats in 5) I'm not swapping, but the 3 of us will sit together, so there will be at least 2 spare seats. You probably shouldnt sit next to use but you could come and have a look and see if it is practical to move to our row. Of course if the Steward Stasi get upset you will need to move.
I am not sure if this is a PM to you. Can you confirm that you got this. I might be able to help you out, not with a tick swap but soething else
Thanks so much for the YouTube vid on Hayes and Harlington area. I had never seen it before so enjoyed it so very much as it took me back to my childhood and made me realise just how much quieter life was then and the area so much more rural. Stirred up a lot of memories for me for which I say thankyou and seeing the EMI building in Hayes gave me a smile as it was there that I had my first job after leaving school.
Hi there
I don’t know you personally but have always enjoyed your posts. I realised today that you haven’t posted for a while and checked your last post - I can see that you had a disagreement with Banana (he must have been having a bad day as I can’t see any issues with what you posted). Anyway I hope you are ok and that you will be posting again soon.
Best wishes
Hi mate, you have won one of the signs. Would you rather collect it from Teddington or if you give me your address I can pop it in the post if you’re willing to cover postage?
Cheers mate, will give it 24 hours or so and see if anyone else comes in. You’re the highest bidder so far though!
Hello to all the Bees Fans and my friend Keith who is a die hard BFC supporter. Myself, I'm a Bradford City fan (I hear what!) yes, a Mighty Bantam. Wishing you all the best for the 20/21season at your new stadium.
Hi, yeah I still live on Hayling. I had seemed to be the only Bee here, so pleased to find that isnt the case.
I only recently joined GPG, my main email a/c is aol and GPG doesnt accept aol emails. So that prevented me from joining. I didnt realise how much I was missing until someone on the Loyal fans FB group mentioned seeing a player we were after on GPG

Hi, I guess by your user name you’re from Hayling Island, do you still live on the Island? I’m asking on behalf of my brother who’s a Bees fan and lives on Hayling Island, he’s not on the GPG, do you know of any other Bees fans currently living on Hayling Island?
Hi Teesbee, if you have a spare tour ticket I would love to take that off your hands. It's now totally told out and we didn't book in time. I've been a season ticket holder in NR for over 10 years with my son and we'd love one last tour.
All the best,
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